My Journey to an IMC Course

Hello reader!

My name is Ambar Mejia, and I am a graduate student at the University of Florida pursuing a Masters in Mass Communication with a focus on creative. My journey here was a long and winding road that I did not foresee.

I entered my undergraduate career at UF looking for a degree in linguistics. Truthfully, my dream was to document dying languages and write grammar books for them. Then, I applied my love for pragmatics and word play into marketing for Florida Alternative Breaks, a service-organization at UF. I was hooked! I promoted over 40 service based trips tackling different social issues and recruited 40 site leaders and over 400 volunteers in my time. I loved every minute of it. It was the first time I understood passion. Every time I started talking about the great work the organization did, how it has impacted me, and why I believed other students should join, I lit up.


I then decided to pursue a masters where I could gain theoretical knowledge in how to strategically replicate this marketing magic for non-profits across the United States. I had fallen in love with being active in one’s community and knew I could never accept a position that didn’t somehow help others. To learn more about my background, visit my about me page!

Currently, I am enrolled in a course called Intro to Multimedia Communication. A lot of my current knowledge on the field comes from real world experience fueled by a whole lot of trial and error. I am really looking forward to gaining theoretical knowledge on how to build a strategic integrated marketing campaign that is informed by data and is well-crafted for the company’s target consumer.

Each week you can check on my blog to see what cool projects I am working on that week!


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