Tackling Photoshop For Web

Welcome back, readers!

Last time I shared with you that my love for the field of communications stemmed from my involvement as recruitment chair for Florida Alternative Breaks, a service organization at the University of Florida. That actually isn’t the whole story. In August 2016, I started my freshman year of high school. It was a brand new school, and I was part of the first class to ever learn in that building. I was a reporter for my high schools first ever newspaper. I got to help decide the name of the paper, the kinds of stories we covered, and the aesthetics of the paper.

By my second year, I was already a section editor in charge of designing a two-page spread in the paper. My love for picas, white space, and columns was born. I could design for hours. I would go out of my way to learn new tricks to improve my designs. The year after, I was layout editor. After each section editor had solidified their sections, I had the opportunity to make sure the 12-page paper was aesthetically consistent across the board. I couldn’t explain to you why I got so excited to make sure the pictures in the paper weren’t stretched out of proportion, but it was a true source of joy.

Long after, I decided I would never be a journalist, I held onto my love for designing. As a college student, my free time was still spent learning Photoshop and Illustrator. I took on design responsibilities as recruitment chair simply because I wanted to practice. After long avoiding paths towards designing careers, I concluded that no one would spend that much time learning about something if they weren’t passionate about it. I decided to put my fears aside of not being a good enough designer, and enrolled in the Digital Imagery in Web Design course.

As mentioned previously, I am looking towards pursuing UX/UI design after I conclude my master’s. I am really looking forward to learning about using Photoshop to create wireframes and mockups!

If you want to learn more about me, check out my about me page!


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