Photoshop Project: Image with a Quote


Hi readers!

I am very excited to share my very first project onto my blog for the semester. My Digital Imagery in Web Design professor had us create an image with a quote. For my photo, I started by selecting a quote I really like. I used Harriet Tubman’s “Every dream begins with a dreamer.”

From there I looked up an image on that could help me convey that message. I looked for landscapes and decided on an image of a person standing under an arch and sky full of stars. I then created a new Photoshop file that was 800 px by 800 px with the resolution set at 72.

I added the background image by using File > Place and then resized it to the appropriate dimensions using the selection tool while “show transform controls” was selected. I applied the rough pastels filter to intensify the starry sky.

To create the bubbles, I used the ellipse tool while holding the shift key. I then set the fill to white and the stroke to a teal-blue color. I dropped the opacity to 74% so the background image would show behind the text. To create the smaller circles, I copied this layer and scaled the circles down. I put all of the circles in one folder to make it easier to move the bubble as one unit.

The text was created using the text tool as well as the character panel. I used a san serif to place more emphasis on the word “dreamer,” for which I used a script font.



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