A look at Pixar’s Multimedia Use

I am confident that in 1995, many children began to wonder what their toys were doing while they were away. That year, Pixar Animation Studios released its first film: Toy Story. To this day, Toy Story remains one of the most popular children’s films to date. Pixar has given us some of the most beloved movies of our generation. From “UP” to “Finding Dory,” Pixar knows just how to take us on a roller coaster of emotions.

Pixar has been able to so successful because it understands its consumer base. It creates fantastical worlds full of adventure, growth, and friendship. It looks at these stories through the dewy-eyed imagination of children while appealing to viewers of all ages. Currently, Pixar has a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and website. Offline, Pixar engages with its consumers through TV commercials and movie previews.

Because Pixar is an animation studio beloved for their popular family films, it has plenty of quality videos as its disposal. Likewise, its products are easily recognizable through quotes and images, which sets Pixar up to have effective use of multimedia. Pixar creates great engagement posts for platforms like Twitter, for example, using clips from its hit films. These clips both ask consumers to engage with it brands through content consumers already have a nostalgic relationship with.

Additionally, its tweets are able to link imagery already strongly associated with the Pixar name while taking advantage of current social media trends. The following is an iconic scene from Toy Story when Woody lights a rocket and then realizes the consequences of his action too late. This is a humorous scene that many may nostalgically remember, Pixar is able to capitalize on that further by connecting it to #WednesdayWisdom.

The following tweet juxtaposes the sketches for a scene in “A Bug’s Life” with the same clip once the scene is animated. This tweet highlights is able to highlight the brains behind the Pixar magic by showing off the sketches. Likewise, it gives consumers a peek into the creative process which starts with these hand drawn sketches and becomes a magical Pixar film.

Pixar also effectively uses media like pictures on platforms like Instagram to highlight both their iconic films and its employees. Its instagram has several images of Pixar employees in fun, quirky poses. These images are appropriate in cementing the feelings around the Pixar brand like fun and creative.

Pixar also has created good content on its instagram. The following is a video that teaches consumers how to make their own Mike Wazowski themed tote bag. The instagram boasts several videos like this that encourage user engagement and empower consumers as brand ambassadors.

Pixar’s Facebook page largely mirrors similar content to its Twitter feed. For the most part, its timeline consist of images and clips from its adored films. It also take advantage of the ease of sharing articles on Facebook and shares several long-form articles on its feed such as this article about winter nail polish inspired by Pixar characters.


Its website generally serves as a resource about their films. Consumers can learn facts about the short films and its featured films. Likewise, visitors could find job opportunities and learn about the company.

Some of the more complex content is hidden under the “Behind the Scenes” tab where consumers can learn about the ideas of processes behind creating some of their favorite films.

Finally, I would say after its short films and featured films, Pixar’s most popular outward facing media has to be its trailers! Nothing is as excited as finding out Pixar is conjuring up another unique, whirlwind adventure.



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