Three Types of Customers for Dough Religion Restaurant and Bar

For students and staff at the University of Florida as well as young professionals, Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar offers customization on high quality, well-priced food. Unlike other restaurants in the Gainesville midtown area, Dough Religion provides high quality ingredients and an intimate setting.

Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar, which is comprised of two restaurants: Dough Religion and Oozoo caters to three main types of customers:

Local College Students


Meet Nadia Clark. She is a 21-year-old student at the University of Florida. Because of this, her income is incredibly limited. Her income comes from a part-time job, financial aid, and occasional financial help from her parents. This makes Nadia have a high price sensitivity. This could be seen in her choices of stores, which are largely low-budget, like Amazon, Forever21, WalMart, Target, and H&M.

Being a college student, Nadia has a very irregular schedule and does not do a lot of cooking. Her time is spent between classes, her part-time job, school organizations, and spending time with friends. Friends are a very influential part of Nadia’s life and can influence her choice in restaurants, bars, clothing, and music among other things. Likewise, because of her irregular schedule, Nadia exhibits high levels of impulsiveness. Decisions on where to go, what to do, what to eat, are typically made in the moment.

She lives in the United States on a campus where languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin are spoken. She largely uses credit and debit cards to make purchases.

Local Young Professionals


Jim Campbell is a help desk lead at the University of Florida. He is 28 years old and makes $36,000 a year.

He certainly has more discretionary income than college aged students, but still exhibits medium – high price sensitivity. This is shown through his choice in shops like JC Penny, H&M, Express, Target, Game Stop, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Old Navy.

While off the clock, Jim enjoys spending time with friends, going to happy hours with coworkers, and exploring new experiences like hang gliding. Friends are an important part of Jim’s social circle, and he frequently solicits his friends’ opinions for new trends and where to go. He also has a preference for locally owned stores and local goods and services.

Being in his late 20’s, Jim practices some short-term planning but long-term planning is still limited. Many of his day-to-day decisions are more spur of the moment.

He is an English speaker living in the United States. He generally uses credit cards but also enjoys using pay apps for payment.

Sports Fans

fan Luke Johnson is a 25 year-old sports enthusiast. He makes $32,000 a year and spends a lot of time with other sports junkies.

His hobbies largely revolve around sports: play sports, watching sports, reading about sports. On his free time, he enjoys joining fantasy leagues and participating in pick up games.

When he’s off the clock, Luke spends a lot of his time with friends. They will often attend sporting events, engage in physical activities or outdoor activities and going out with friends. Friends are a big source of information for Luke, but he also turns to the internet and ESPN.

He has a membership to a local gym and also his alumni association. He’s very tech savvy and frequently uses the internet. He has a pretty set schedule and exhibits low impulsiveness.

He is an English speaker living in the United States and uses credit cards and pay apps.




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