Image Corrections with Photoshop


To create this image, I opened up a new file and placed the file with the hungry giraffe using file > place. I then removed some white spots that were on the giraffes tongue using the spot healing brush.

Afterwards, I used a quick mask to remove the blue background from the giraffe layer. This was actually a little difficult. I first used the quick selection tool to select the giraffe. However, selecting the giraffes hair without the selecting the background was a feat. Additionally, Photoshop CC 2017 no longer has a refine edge option and instead has a “select and mask” function. This seemed to work a little differently than the refine edge option and was certainly set up differently. I was a little confused by the change. To add the hair, I went into the select and mask function, selected “smart radius” and then proceeded to paint the edge of the hair to make it visible. Somehow in using the black paint to set the mask layer, I turned the giraffes hair blue and was not sure how to change it back. I then created a levels layer for the giraffe layer to reduce some of the brightness and make it look more similar to the tone in the background.

I then opened an image with an elephant and used the quick selection tool to select the elephant and remove the background. I made the elephant smaller and put it in the background to create depth.

I then placed the sunglasses file and made it smaller to fit on the giraffes face. The original glasses were a bright purple that looked cartoonish. This did not blend with the rest of the image, so I decided to use saturation layers to make the sunglasses blend better with the image. I created a separate saturation layer mask for the lenses of the glasses and selected colorize. I then played with the colors to the lenses had a nice rosy tint to them. I used the paint brush tool with white and black to create a better selection for the glasses. I changed the frame from purple to black using the same technique.

Finally, I created a text box and wrote “Hakuna Matata” in the font African, which I downloaded from I felt this novelty font fell in line with the other elements in the image. I used the warp text feature to give the text a slight wave and set the bend at +10.


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