Recreating local menu using Photoshop





I had a ton of fun creating this weeks assignment. We were tasked with creating a menu for a preexisting restaurant or a restaurant of our imagination. I decided to go with Flaco’s, a restaurant in Gainesville that specializes in Cuban food and my go to spot when I get homesick for empanadas.

To create this menu, I first decided on the colors, mood, and fonts. The original menus is blue, which I found funny because during a color theory lecture I learned blue suppresses our appetite. I decided to go with a red instead because it is associated with eating and good food. I wanted to go with a rustic, gritty, textured look because I thought it brought out that latin vibe.

To create the texture, I created a filled layer with a light beige color. Then, I placed an image of old paper. Using adjustments, I made this image black and white and set the blending mode to multiply. I then used a curves adjustment layer to brighten up the background a little more. I put all of these elements in a folder and named it “background.”

Next, I created the header. I laid down a rectangle with a deep burgundy color. Then, I used the pen tool to trace an image of a pig to create the pig logo. Pigs are very prevalent in Cuban cuisine. After tracing the image with the pen tool, I right clicked to define a custom shape. I then used the custom shape tool to create the pig. Using the type tool and the font “A Love of Thunder” to add the name “Flaco’s” as well as the restaurants’ hours to the menu. I put all of these elements in a folder and named it “header.”

After this, I moved on to create the area with the sandwiches. I put this in a box to bring more attention to it. Flaco’s sandwiches are certainly their main draw! I used the flat fan high bristle count brush and a burgundy color to draw the brush stroke behind the word “Sandwiches.” I then wrote the section header in “A Love of Thunder” font. I created two text boxes to house the 10 sandwiches. I wrote the names of the items in Palatino 18 and wrote the descriptions in Avenir Roman 12. I put all of these elements in a folder and named it “sandwiches.”

I created the arepas and bowls section in a very similar fashion to the sandwiches section. However, instead of boxing them, I simply drew a dotted line using the line tool while holding down the shift key. I then selected a different stroke type to set the dotted line. I put these two sections in one folder called “Arepas and Bowls.”

Finally, to add the drinks, I used a black and white gritty line. To colorize it, I went to layer > layer style > color overlay and then set the color to the burgundy I used in the rest of the design. I then used the same brush I have used across the design to add a white brush stroke across the bottom. Using the type tool and the “A love of Thunder” and “Palatino” font, I added a listing of their drinks.  I combined all of these elements in a folder called “drinks.”



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