Integrated Marketing Campaign Practice Image


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with the ModCloth brand and have created this image to practice Photoshop skills and my understanding of integrated marketing campaigns for a course.

Hello readers,

This week, we explored integrated marketing communications and the importance of visual identity within this approach. Integrated marketing communication is a marketing approach that ensures that an organizations marketing message is consistent across all platforms. From this we can see how important visuals are to ensure that that messaging is consistent.

I created an integrated marketing communication image for one of my favorite brands: ModCloth.

To create this image, I first selected a cream color for the background. ModCloth uses this color often throughout many of its campaigns and a lot of its imagery.

I then added the model, which I took from Modcloth’s website. Using the quick selection tool, I selected the model from the original background and created a clipping mask. I then used the refine edge tool to make her hair look more natural. Using the paintbrush tool, I used a black color to clean up the selection. I also used the color replacement tool to change her bathing suit from red to hot pink. However, in retrospect, I could have used a hue/saturation adjustment to change the color without damaging the original image. (I remembered to use this later on!) Finally, I used layer styles to add a drop shadow as this is very prevalent in ModCloth’s designs.

Next, I added the word’s “Suit Up.” I am a very big fan of word play and one of my favorite things about ModCloth’s brand is that it is full of wordplay. I have yet to open an email from them and see a slogan on their designs that isn’t super clever. The font used is called Champagne and Limousines. It is a very clean modern font, which I felt mirrored the fonts used by ModCloth on their designs. I then made the font bolder in the character panel.

Next, I used the symbol tool to add palm tree leaves because it seemed to prevalent in many of ModCloth’s designs for their swimsuit line. I made these in a dark green so they could contrast the bright pink. I used layer styles to add a stroke to the leaves that would help it pop. I then set both palm trees to linear burn.

Finally, I added the ModCloth logo. I used the magic wand to select all of the white from the image I found and then used a clipping mask to remove it. Next I added a hue/saturation adjustment layer. I right clicked to make this a clipping mask so that it only affected the layer with the logo. I then adjusted the lightness to make the logo black.

Below I included some screenshots of images created by ModCloth that I drew inspiration from.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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