A look at two Natural Hair Care Blogs

Black Girl Long Hair

The first blog I’d like to showcase, is Black Girl Long Hair. BGLH is now a professional blog. There are several contributors to this blog and the blog touts several posts created daily. The blog is now even linked to the organizations new store for products aimed at haircare for black women.

The blog was created by one woman aiming to provide insight on hair care for black women. The blog still produces much of this content but has broadened to include information about events affecting the black community as well as a general celebration of black culture.

Initially, BGLH was unique in its focus on 4B/4C hair. 4B/4C hair is the kinkiest hair type a person can have. This has is particularly coily and loves moisture. Taking care of 4B/4C hair is very different to taking care of straight hair. Because of its intense need for moisture, if 4B/4C hair becomes too dry and brittle and will break off. This blog was unique within the natural hair movement because of its focus on length retention.

The blog is a productive reflection of the overall brand. It is the main hub for the brand’s long form content. It also allows you to access the brands store. All content from the brand reroutes to this page. Likewise, the blog provides helpful content to help black women with natural hair care for their hair. They are not just promoting length retention through products but by promoting healthy hair care.

BGLH sits high on search engines (although I’m not sure if google turns up those results for me based on my previous history). If you were to search for natural hair care, it comes up withing the first few posts. If you were to narrow down to 4B/4C natural hair care, BGLH comes up first, even above curlynikki and naturallycurly (two huge names in the natural hair care blogging world). The blog also links to its own content through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Chances are, if users are following natural hair care they will stumble upon this blog.

I would certainly call this blog successful. The blog consistently publishes new posts which drives in a good flow of traffic. Likewise, the organization is on twitter and other social sites, which allows new users to discover their content and existing users to share their content. Readers can also subscribe to a newsletter the blog publishes.

There are some advertisements on the blog, but they look populated by my latest searches. I think it would be interesting to see some advertisements from product lines that the blog writes about often or would recommend.

BGLH is nearing a decade of internet presence. Its content is very robust, but I think it needs better organization. It is very difficult to navigate through all their content. The menu is not very intuitive. The menu option for 4B/4C Hair Growth Guide leads to a drop down menu that simply says hair but that option leads to an incredibly long drop down menu. I think it would be better if hair was the option show on the menu instead. Likewise, the 4B/4C Hair Growth option on the main menu actually leads you to the store if you just click on that instead of going to the drop down menus. Overall, I would say it would be interesting to see better organization of the posts. With a decade’s worth of posts, it is hard to filter through all the information. Sometimes you may also not know what to search for because you are not familiar with the topic. Having sub menus that clusters topics would be beneficial. For example, under deep conditioning they could split it up by picking a deep conditioner, DIY deep conditioners, and best practices when deep conditioning.

BGLH’s menu has room for improvement to make navigating the site easier

Curly Nikki

The other blog I’d like to showcase is Curly Nikki! Curly Nikki was my go to when I first

Two books by Nikki Walton

decided to stop straightening or chemically processing my hair and keep it natural. This is certainly a professional blog. Nikki Walton, has written two books on natural hair care for afro textured hair. She is a big name in natural hair care and chances are any natural you will ever meet has read at least one posts on curlynikki.com. The blog sees several posts produced daily and works with several contributors.

I think part of what makes this blog unique is that Nikki is a subject matter expert. She has been brought onto several shows and many natural hair products have reached out to her for promotion. She is linked closely with curlmart.com and naturallycurly.com which are big names in the curly hair industry over all. I think something else that makes this blog unique is that you get a very close glimpse at Nikki’s personal life as well. You can learn about her travels and even see images of her new baby. The blog also delves into other matters of self-care for women like health and fitness, empowerment, and skin care.

Nikki is known as a natural hair guru. Her biggest ideal is that there is no such thing as bad hair just hair that wasn’t properly cared for. She asserts that her blog was made as a “hair therapy session” to help people struggling to embrace their naturally curly hair. This blog not only helps disseminate her knowledge on an easily accessible platform, it also brings together other natural hair icons and blog writers onto one page. It also allows members of the natural hair community that are not internet famous, like me, to contribute by offering my own tips, tricks, and solutions on the bottom of the posts. With all of this, she cultivates a community around improving hair care.

Nikki has two books on natural hair care. Readers of this book can access frequently updated content through her website. Likewise, Nikki is closely linked with curlmart.com and naturallycurly.com (curly hair meccas on the internet). If you visit Curlmart to purchase products for curly hair, you will surely learn about curlynikki.com. Additionally, CurlyNikki is linked to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Readers that are on these platforms can find her content through tags. A quick search on google puts curlynikki.com on the first page.

I do think it is a successful blog. There are constantly new posts. She is on Twitter and other platforms. Likewise, all blog posts have social share buttons for all other platforms. She’s created a ton of original content and become a subject matter expert, as can be seen with her two books. It is easy to subscribe to her content and doing so gives you a 15% off coupon to curlmart.com.

CurlyNikki.com is incredibly comprehensive. I can’t say that anything is missing. In fact, I would suggest to maybe reduce the amount of content available and put it to a linked site. For example, maybe parts about her travel or the section about empowerment could be linked on another blog so that this one is more focused on natural hair care. I do think some sections could benefit from a description. For example, under “the basics” there is a section called curl whisperer. For the most part, I can imagine what kind of content goes in that section, but it is not clear how it different from the other hair care sections.

CurlNikki.com does have several advertisers focused on curly hair products.

An advertising example from curlynikki.com

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