Proximity Marketing for Brands

location-based-mobile-marketingBenefits of Proximity Marketing

Using proximity channels such as FourSquare, Google, and Facebook check-in allows brands to created tailored messages and promotions to their customers based on their preferences and locations in and outside of the business. Better targeted messaging could lead to better sales. An IBM study shows that about 3 out of 4 people will act on a marketing message if the consumer is near the retailer.

Additionally, it gives the brand more insight into the consumers behaviors, wants, and needs. This is a great way to expand an integrated marketing communication campaign and incorporate location-based marketing.

It also allows consumers to engage more with the brand. Over 60% of consumers find coupons to be the most valuable form of mobile marketing and are likely to share local deals with friends.

The Walgreens brand effectively uses proximity marketing through their app. Whenever I step into the store, I get alerts about their offers. This typically encourages me to at least go check out the sale and often times I do make a purchase.

Wearables and Proximity Marketing

Wearables could be really great for gathering information on consumers. For example,wearables could offer more specific information on the target audience’s lifestyle patterns, which would be very instrumental in creating proximity marketing strategies. It wearablescould also give insight into audiences the company may not have even noticed it had.

Similarly, wearables can give you information precise location of a specific consumers which allows the brand to send them offers just as they pass by the store. Likewise, knowing a consumers general location could also allow brands to tailor messages. For example, offering discounts on ice cream or cold beverages on really hot days. Or offering specials in certain restaurant locations near a stadium after a game.

Wearables can be particularly helpful for companies that have a health angle to them. Currently, many wearables are linked to health improvement. There could be potential for providing recommendations for self improvement that incorporate specific brands. For example, a suggestion to get more steps in may come with a recommendation to buy a certain Nike walking shoe.

How Dough Religion Restaurant and Bar in Gainesville, FL can use proximity marketing
In “4 Location-Based Marketing Tactics that are Working” by Lauren Johnson, we see an example of Lord & Taylor and Hudson’s Bay using beacon technology to create proximity messages based on where the customer was located in the store. This concept could be very appropriate for Dough Religion Restaurant and Bar because it really encompasses three areas: the Dough Religion pizza area, the Oozoo inside bar, and the Oozoo patio area. It would be possible to take a similar model and apply it to the restaurant.

Set up account with Four Square or other proximity marketing channel.

Create proximity marketing messages offerings discounts and spcials to target the following audiences based on location:
1. consumers walking past Dough Religion Restaurant and Bar
2. consumers sitting in Oozoo’s patio area during happy hour
3. consumers sitting inside of Ooozoo during happy hour
4. consumers sitting in the Dough Religion area

Create special proximity messages for:
1. students nearby during exam time offering discounts on late night munchies and comfort food (also known as pizza)
2. nearby gator fans on game days highlighting flat screens for the game, special game day food and drink menu, and proximity to the stadium
3. nearby young professionals right after work hours highlighting happy hour menu specials


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