Using Snapchat for Brands


Snapchat as a Platform

I absolutely love Snapchat. I think it is a fun, quick way to visually share snippets of your life with your followers. If you are traveling or at a festival, the tendency is to take a ton of images. On Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, it could feel like you’re clogging the feed or like your images are getting lost in the mix. However, on Snapchat, you can add the images or videos to your Snapchat story so it is concise or send it directly to a follower.

I think it is a cool tool for brands. I personally love the discover story tools and follow many brands on Snapchat. It allows brands to connect to their consumers in a more authentic fashion. The only drawback I could see is the time limit. If brands are hoping to have a campaign through Snapchat or want to advertise a specific event or deal, they will really have to be mindful of how long the snap will stay posted.

Snapchat Story Ideas for Brands

  1. Special Announcements – This could be effective for everything from a sports team announcing new players to a  festival announcing the headliner and lineup.
  2. Live Event Coverage – if you have a fundraiser, trivia night, dance party, festival or any other cool event, Snapchat is a great perfect platform to highlight the bigger picture and all of the details of the event.
  3. Sneak peaks – this could be great to raise hype around upcoming products, new product lines, or even upcoming announcements. I can see this being especially effective for things like MAC’s special makeup collections, a new Apple product, or even dropping hints about a festivals lineup.
  4. Behind the scenes – show consumers what it’s like to work at your company or have a specific person’s role. You could even show off how your product is made to give consumers an inside look!
  5. Campaigns using images and videos – create an advertising campaign that exists on Snapchat over several days to encourage some type of action. The World Wildlife Fund used Snapchat creatively to achieve this.

Snapchat Story Example for Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar

One of the three customers identified for Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar are local college-aged students. I decided to hone in on that target demographic and contextualize the campaign around midterms season. The following Snapchat story also captures some of the elements that make this company unique: high-quality, customizable, affordable food. I think this story could be part of a great effort to target college-aged students in the Gainesville area.

IMG_2424   IMG_2423




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