Exploring Facebook Carousel Ads and Other Online Ad Formats

Importance of Online Ad Formats

Online Ad formats are becoming increasingly important as the world continues to become increasingly mobile and increasingly connected with the boom in availability of WiFi and the internet.

Email marketing reigns supreme in this area. Accounting for 79% of individuals’ primary reason for using their smartphone, according to a study conducted by Adobe.

Social media is also increasingly important, but may be better suited for raising brand awareness than leading to consumer action.

Facebook Carousel ads are an interesting way to reason consumers outside of your followers. You can highlight different products, connect to different parts of your website, tell a story through images and videos, and show the benefits of a particular product.

Example Facebook Carousel

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To create this Facebook carousel, I went into the Facebook ad manager. I set my objective to “brand awareness” because many in the are aren’t familiar with the restaurants specials or deals, even if they are familiar with the restaurant itself.


Next, I selected my images. I chose four images that showcased Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar’s pizza making process. The first one highlights their hand-tossed dough, which the manager cited as one of the things that makes them different from their closes competitor in town Blaze.

The second image highlights their endless topping option when you choose a create your own. DR prides itself on using local, high-quality produce and ingredients.

The third image shows a pizza going into a pizza oven. DR fire-oven bakes your pizza in just a few minutes before your eyes.

The final image shows the finished product with a call to action.


Next, I set up my audience size, placement, and budget.

For my audience size, I decided to own in on 18-35 year-old people in the Gainesville, FL area. This is because DR cites its target audience to encompass college-aged students and young professionals in the Gainesville area and especially at the University of Florida.

I kept the placement and automatic.

For the budget, I kept the daily expense low at $5. This raised the daily reach to 1,200-3,200. Considering how many people DR can accommodate on a daily basis, I figured this was enough. I then set the campaign to run for a month to minimize on cost. This would bring the campaign cost to $154.79, because DR is a smaller business, I figured this is a decent amount of money to place into advertising for a month. The month of March-April capitalizes on midterms season, basketball’s march madness, and the local k-12 spring break season.



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