A Look at Content Communities

videoContent communities are similar to online databases where uses can save and share multimedia content. For example, there are content communities around podcasts. Similarly, services like YouTube and Vimeo are content communities for video. Flickr and Shutterfly are popular for photo content communities. Pinterest, allows you to create a pin of images that link to longer form content.

Content communities are great because they offer a high level of community. Users interact by sharing content and even commenting on each others content. Additionally, users can also follow other users to stay in tune with what that user is pinning.

Because of the great variety between content communities, brands should consider adding on to their IMC mix if the channel makes sense for their brand and goals. For example, an travel organization may choose flickr to hosts images of their destinations, travelers, and staff. On the other hand, a slam poetry organization may choose YouTube to house videos of the performances.

travel   buttonpoetry
Content communities also tend to align around certain interests. This could be another helpful outlet to engage consumers. These communities are growing every day, and it would be beneficial to join the conversation. Likewise, it could help potential customers find your brand.

Below, I have included a link to a Flickr album and a Pinterest album that I created on behalf of a local restaurant: Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar.





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