An Analysis of Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar’s Website

Two of Dough Religion Restaurant & Bar’s main competitors are Blaze Pizza and Leonardo’s by the slice. This week, I took a look at DR’s website and compared it against the website for Blaze Pizza and Leonardo’s by the slice.


By comparison, Dough Religion’s website ranks decently behind Blaze Pizza, which is a national brand with a much larger budget. Leo’s by the slice certainly had the least robust and well designed website.

Push and Pull Techniques used by the Brands

Dough Religion
Pull – consumer images, product benefits, price comparisons, search engines, consumer reviews
Push – social media posts, signage outside of the establishment announcing daily deals

Blaze Pizza
Pull – sign up to receive emails button, product benefits, consumer images, search engines, consumer reviews
Push – email marketing, Coupons in Gator Greenbacks, TV ads, social media posts

Leonardo’s by the slice
Pull – consumer reviews, search engines
Push – signage outside of the establishment with daily deals

Mobile Friendliness

Dough Religion: The typography does not resize well. It looks mashed up in some areas and too spread out in others. The menu makes the inactive tabs white so the menu blends into the white brick background.

Leonardo’s by the slice: This website is actually easier to read on a mobile device than it is on the computer. On the computer, the subpages are jarring with busy background images that compete with the information.

Blaze: Perfect!

Recommendations to Improve the Site

Clearer Communication:

  • Make better use of calls-to-action. There is an area for users to tag their personal Instagram photos, but the area has not worked for a while.
  • Make the button to like DR on Facebook for a coupon more prominent.
  • Add a brief descriptor so customers know what the product is right away. For example, Blaze says “Fast-Fire’d” above the company name. When you search Blaze it says “Fast-Fire’d Custom Built Artisanal Pizza.”

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Develop more effective SEO:

  • Add description words and keywords on each page
  • Add a sitemap
  • Shift image based headers to be text based headers

Integrate the website with the brand identity more by creating more robust content:


  • Nutritional information should be added. Especially that there are gluten free options. Additionally, there should be information about their fundraising options and their past fundraising events and partnerships.
  • Elaborate more on unique selling proposition: customization and high quality at an affordable price
  • Fix plugins for the Instagram and Facebook feed more effectively. The content on the page is currently pretty static.


  • Create a more robust navigation menu so that there is less longitudinal scrolling
  • Add more images of visitors at the restaurant to showcase target demographic more
  • Consider a three-column layout instead of the current one-column homepage.



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