The Jessicurl Brand in Images and Colors


For this assignment, I created a mood board for Jessicurl. Jessicurl is a really fun brand for people with curly hair. Their tagline is “You have a right to remain curly,” and if that is not enough to convince you of their joyful, energetic brand identity, the free flowijessicurl-logong curls in its logo certainly will!

I decided to focus on the emotions around a head of well-defined curls: joyful, fun, bright, energetic, and bouncy. I also took into account that Jessicurl’s products are organic, cruelty free, and full of all-natural ingredients. I then decided to add elements of nature. I picked an image of a woman laughing with flowers in her hair. I also picked images of tulips and of two women jumping on the beach as the sun sets. I also decided to add a quote from Tigger that says “I’m so happy I could bounce” because I felt it accurately described curls when they are cooperating. Tigger is also incredibly energetic himself.




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