Valentine’s Day Web Ads Campaign for Sephora

Disclaimer: this project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with the Sephora brand.

This week, I was tasked with creating four web ads for a company of my choice based on a holiday campaign. I decided to go with Sephora and Valentine’s Day, and I honestly might have had a little too much fun with my assignment. I see this campaign being placed on social media platforms as sponsored ads. I also see it being on the side or related websites. Maybe a clothing company site where one might buy a Valentine’s Day date outfit.

A quick look at Sephora’s branding

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I started off by doing some research on Sephora’s branding and noticed some key elements that I tried to weave throughout my project:

  • lots of white space
  • photos of their makeup products
  • use of their iconic black and white stripes
  • drop shadows
  • use of sans-serifs

The Campaign

Animated Skyscraper Ad
Skyscraper Ad
Rectangle Ad
Leader Board Ad

For this campaign, I tried to weave in the elements listed above. Throughout the campaign, you will see the use of sans-serifs, drop shadows, images of makeup, and the Sephora black and white stripes. To bring in the Valentine’s Day theme, I added a touch of the same pink in each piece. I also added copy that was a play on words between their products and phrases about love.

  • “You highlight my life” for highlighters
  • “Find your soul matte” for matte makeup products
  • “Every line leads to you” for eyeliner and lip liner
  • “A brush with destiny” for makeup brushes

I used Lato for the sans-serif and bromello for the script.

Overall, I used layer masks to clean up the white area around the makeup products.

I also used drop shadow layer styles to add shadows to any boxes as well as product images.

To change the Sephora logo from black to white in some of the pieces, I used hue/saturation adjustment layers set to colorize. I then created clipping masks to make sure the adjustment layer was only affecting the Sephora logo.

For the brush in the leader board ad, I used the quick selection tool to hone in on the bristles of the brush. I then used a hue/saturation layer set to color to change the color to red. Afterwards, I created a layer mask to remove some of the bristles to make it look like a heart.

To create the animated gif. I set my work space to motion. Then, I created an animated frame timeline. I added three frames, starting with my original. To change the color of the heart, I first duplicated that layer twice. I then used a hue/saturation layer set to colorize and a clipping mask to change the color of the individual hearts.


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