Email Campaign for Sephora Valentine’s Day Sale

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with the Sephora brand.

I had previously created several ads for Sephora as part of a Valentine’s Day sale. You can check out these ads on my last blog post. This week, I created an extension of that project by venturing into the email marketing realm. Naturally, I tried to incorporate those key elements that Sephora uses as part of its brand identity: plenty of white space, drop shadows, san serifs, and product images.

The main graphic I chose for my email is of a woman putting on lipstick. I chose this because it is in line with some of Sephora’s marketing that features women looking fabulous in their Sephora products. I also used imagery of torn paper because Sephora can do some pretty edgy stuff with their designs. The main copy in the email is “A love that’s long-lasting” this is a play on words between love-related quotes for Valentine’s Day and long-lasting makeup.

I included images of lipstick and lip liners because I had focused on this products throughout my ads. Additionally, they align with the main image.

Example of Sephora’s Email Marketing


My Sephora Email Ad



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