Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign in Social Media

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with EF College Break.

Meet EF College Break

EF College Break is association with Education First Tours, which offers international educational tours to school groups and individuals. EF College Break focuses more on affordable, travel for fun and aims to target the college student demographic. Students can pick one of EF College Break’s predesigned tours or they can build one themselves. Additionally, students can sign up with friends or as individuals, and EF College Break even offers payment plans to appeal to a variety of students.

The Campaign

With this campaign, I aimed to highlight all the different kinds of trips a student can take with EF College Break and the kinds of benefits they can expect depending on what trip they choose. This campaign is meant to increase conversion rates between EF College Break’s social media accounts and their website.

The campaign makes use of the phrase “Break For” followed by a line in each image. The idea is that people taking the trips can choose to take a trip for several different reasons and that EF College Break has a trip that caters to each of those reasons. It also brings in the idea of Spring Break and EF College Break with the repeated use of “break.” For the Snapchat filter, I went with a similar approach and left the line empty so that users of Snapchat can fill in that space with what they are breaking for. That could include family, friends, volunteering or partying. In this respect, it makes it an applicable filter for anyone on spring break to use.

Creating the Campaign

To create this campaign, I started off by creating the phrases. Then, I found images that illustrated the copy for that design. I then used the same vibrance adjustment layer for each image to give them a similar look. With some of the images, I also overlayed a blue to white gradient to darken the sky and make the writing pop out more. I also used rectangles behind the logo and “Spring Break ’17” to bring some attention to those features and to keep them from getting lost in the image.


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