Florida Facts Infographic

This week, I worked on creating an infographic about the state of Florida based on facts retrieved from the state’s website.

I started off selecting the facts I thought were most interesting. Next, I sketched a rough plan of what my infographic would look like. I am a lover of columns, so I decided to put the facts on a sort of chart. I wanted to bring in a Florida vibe to the piece, so I decided to go with a beachy theme. I decided on using a light orange, a vivid blue, a red orange, and black throughout the piece.

I used the font Glacial Indifference because it is a nice, clean sans serif that is easy to read. The caligraphy font I used at the top is called Snowboarding Only.

To make sure the chart was evenly spaced, I used rulers and guidelines to equally separate the space. Next, I set up each quadrant to have an icon or big piece of text and smaller texts. I added bold to help highlight the important parts of each fact.

To create the background, I created a fill layer with a yellow-orange color. I set it to overlay and 83% fill. Next, I placed an image of sand below it.

To create the word Florida, I started off by typing Florida in Glacial Indifference bold and set it to 160. I duplicated this layer, I set the color of the text to the red-orange I used throughout. Next, I selected the first text layer for Florida and made it a shape by right clicking the layer and selecting “create shape.” Afterwards, I placed an image of a beach above the Florida shape layer and right clicked on the layer to create a clipping mask. I used the move tool to move the red-orange Florida layer and make it look like a drop shadow.



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