Pesticide Awareness Campaign for Farmworkers Association of Florida

­­Company Analysis

The Farmworkers Association of Florida was founded in 1983 by a group of farmworkers in Mascotte, Florida to address the needs of the farmworker community in Central Florida at the time. At first, the organization focused on harnessing the farmworkers’ collective power to fight for better housing, wages, and working conditions.

While FWAF continues to fight for these advancements, the organization also aims to challenge policies that exploit farmworkers and the rural poor or keeps these populations powerless and in poverty. FWAF strongly believes in collective power, and the organization has offices across Central and South Florida to be able to connect with the many farmworker communities in Florida. The organization now boasts 8,000 member families and five locations. The main location is still in Apopka, FL. The other offices are based in Fellsmere, Homestead, Immokalee, and Pierson.

One of FWAF’s main services is worker justice. The organization works to organize and build the skills of farmworkers so that they can address injustice in their workplaces. The organization also works with minority-owned small forces to help them access the resource necessary to operate their farm. In addition, the organization fights for immigrant rights. Because many present-day farmworkers are undocumented immigrants, the organization maintains that advances cannot be made without immigration reform.

The organization also has a pesticides action committee, which works to improve health and pesticide safety for farmworkers as well as assessing work sites for violations in worker safety regulations. This extends to other health education initiatives the organization that address issues of sexual health as well as a Sisters/Companera’s program that focuses on women’s health, especially those who are pregnant or have children. The organization also participates in many research projects to further examine the effects of farm working conditions on farmworker health.

Farmworkers also face a large amount of food insecurity, despite picking food for all consumers. FWAF organizes Campesino Gardens which give farmworkers access to locally grown, organic food. Additionally, because Farmworkers live in rural areas and may only have access to inadequate services, the organization has disaster response teams and resources to assist farmworkers who may be affected by hurricane, tornadoes, and flooding.

To spread awareness of these conditions and bring in volunteers, FWAF hosts service learning projects and has a quilt built as part of the Lake Apopka project that commemorates the original Lake Apopka farmworkers that worked on the old muck farms.

 An Overview of The Campaign

This communication plan is focused on bringing awareness to the issue Farmworker’s face with a daily exposure to pesticides. Pesticides can cause great harm on the human system, however, many farms do not provide enough safety to safeguard farmworkers against the harmful effects of pesticides.

The general message is focused on bringing awareness to the symptoms of pesticide exposure and action steps viewers can take to help alleviate the prevalence of pesticide poisoning.


The logo features a sun that is representative for Florida, also known as the sunshine state. Likewise, the image showcases a farm worker who is carrying a bucket filled with oranges, a main crop in Florida. The main tagline is “for farm work with dignity” because FWAF focuses on creating a more dignified life for farm workers.


Print Promotions

Promotional Flyer


Informational Postcard


Folder Design


Social Media

FB Covers

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Timeline Posts

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Florida Facts Infographic

This week, I worked on creating an infographic about the state of Florida based on facts retrieved from the state’s website.

I started off selecting the facts I thought were most interesting. Next, I sketched a rough plan of what my infographic would look like. I am a lover of columns, so I decided to put the facts on a sort of chart. I wanted to bring in a Florida vibe to the piece, so I decided to go with a beachy theme. I decided on using a light orange, a vivid blue, a red orange, and black throughout the piece.

I used the font Glacial Indifference because it is a nice, clean sans serif that is easy to read. The caligraphy font I used at the top is called Snowboarding Only.

To make sure the chart was evenly spaced, I used rulers and guidelines to equally separate the space. Next, I set up each quadrant to have an icon or big piece of text and smaller texts. I added bold to help highlight the important parts of each fact.

To create the background, I created a fill layer with a yellow-orange color. I set it to overlay and 83% fill. Next, I placed an image of sand below it.

To create the word Florida, I started off by typing Florida in Glacial Indifference bold and set it to 160. I duplicated this layer, I set the color of the text to the red-orange I used throughout. Next, I selected the first text layer for Florida and made it a shape by right clicking the layer and selecting “create shape.” Afterwards, I placed an image of a beach above the Florida shape layer and right clicked on the layer to create a clipping mask. I used the move tool to move the red-orange Florida layer and make it look like a drop shadow.


Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign in Social Media

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with EF College Break.

Meet EF College Break

EF College Break is association with Education First Tours, which offers international educational tours to school groups and individuals. EF College Break focuses more on affordable, travel for fun and aims to target the college student demographic. Students can pick one of EF College Break’s predesigned tours or they can build one themselves. Additionally, students can sign up with friends or as individuals, and EF College Break even offers payment plans to appeal to a variety of students.

The Campaign

With this campaign, I aimed to highlight all the different kinds of trips a student can take with EF College Break and the kinds of benefits they can expect depending on what trip they choose. This campaign is meant to increase conversion rates between EF College Break’s social media accounts and their website.

The campaign makes use of the phrase “Break For” followed by a line in each image. The idea is that people taking the trips can choose to take a trip for several different reasons and that EF College Break has a trip that caters to each of those reasons. It also brings in the idea of Spring Break and EF College Break with the repeated use of “break.” For the Snapchat filter, I went with a similar approach and left the line empty so that users of Snapchat can fill in that space with what they are breaking for. That could include family, friends, volunteering or partying. In this respect, it makes it an applicable filter for anyone on spring break to use.

Creating the Campaign

To create this campaign, I started off by creating the phrases. Then, I found images that illustrated the copy for that design. I then used the same vibrance adjustment layer for each image to give them a similar look. With some of the images, I also overlayed a blue to white gradient to darken the sky and make the writing pop out more. I also used rectangles behind the logo and “Spring Break ’17” to bring some attention to those features and to keep them from getting lost in the image.

Email Campaign for Sephora Valentine’s Day Sale

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with the Sephora brand.

I had previously created several ads for Sephora as part of a Valentine’s Day sale. You can check out these ads on my last blog post. This week, I created an extension of that project by venturing into the email marketing realm. Naturally, I tried to incorporate those key elements that Sephora uses as part of its brand identity: plenty of white space, drop shadows, san serifs, and product images.

The main graphic I chose for my email is of a woman putting on lipstick. I chose this because it is in line with some of Sephora’s marketing that features women looking fabulous in their Sephora products. I also used imagery of torn paper because Sephora can do some pretty edgy stuff with their designs. The main copy in the email is “A love that’s long-lasting” this is a play on words between love-related quotes for Valentine’s Day and long-lasting makeup.

I included images of lipstick and lip liners because I had focused on this products throughout my ads. Additionally, they align with the main image.

Example of Sephora’s Email Marketing


My Sephora Email Ad


Valentine’s Day Web Ads Campaign for Sephora

Disclaimer: this project is for educational purposes only, and I am not affiliated with the Sephora brand.

This week, I was tasked with creating four web ads for a company of my choice based on a holiday campaign. I decided to go with Sephora and Valentine’s Day, and I honestly might have had a little too much fun with my assignment. I see this campaign being placed on social media platforms as sponsored ads. I also see it being on the side or related websites. Maybe a clothing company site where one might buy a Valentine’s Day date outfit.

A quick look at Sephora’s branding

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I started off by doing some research on Sephora’s branding and noticed some key elements that I tried to weave throughout my project:

  • lots of white space
  • photos of their makeup products
  • use of their iconic black and white stripes
  • drop shadows
  • use of sans-serifs

The Campaign

Animated Skyscraper Ad
Skyscraper Ad
Rectangle Ad
Leader Board Ad

For this campaign, I tried to weave in the elements listed above. Throughout the campaign, you will see the use of sans-serifs, drop shadows, images of makeup, and the Sephora black and white stripes. To bring in the Valentine’s Day theme, I added a touch of the same pink in each piece. I also added copy that was a play on words between their products and phrases about love.

  • “You highlight my life” for highlighters
  • “Find your soul matte” for matte makeup products
  • “Every line leads to you” for eyeliner and lip liner
  • “A brush with destiny” for makeup brushes

I used Lato for the sans-serif and bromello for the script.

Overall, I used layer masks to clean up the white area around the makeup products.

I also used drop shadow layer styles to add shadows to any boxes as well as product images.

To change the Sephora logo from black to white in some of the pieces, I used hue/saturation adjustment layers set to colorize. I then created clipping masks to make sure the adjustment layer was only affecting the Sephora logo.

For the brush in the leader board ad, I used the quick selection tool to hone in on the bristles of the brush. I then used a hue/saturation layer set to color to change the color to red. Afterwards, I created a layer mask to remove some of the bristles to make it look like a heart.

To create the animated gif. I set my work space to motion. Then, I created an animated frame timeline. I added three frames, starting with my original. To change the color of the heart, I first duplicated that layer twice. I then used a hue/saturation layer set to colorize and a clipping mask to change the color of the individual hearts.

Redesigning Boca Fiesta’s Website

Disclaimer: This project is for educational purposes only and I am in no way affiliated with the Boca Fiesta, The Palomino, or The Backyard brand.

For the next project, I recreated my favorite restaurant’s website. If you have not been to Boca Fiesta in Gainesville, FL, you have to check it out! True to its name (mouth party in Spanish), Boca Fiesta’s menu is stuffed with delicious Tex-Mex items that will send your taste buds soaring. It also has a great drink selection and wonderful ambiance. However, its website is not on the same level as its food. bocahomepage

To start redesigning this website, I began by creating a wireframe on Photoshop. I took into account all of the main elements of the site:

  • Logo
  • Social share buttons
  • Contact area
  • Photos
  • Menu
  • The Backyard
  • The Palomino
  • Specials
  • Merchandise


To create the final mock up, I started off by placing the logo. Once I added the logo, it set the tone for the rest of the piece. The logo has a neon pink that I decided to weave in throughout the mock up. The font for the logo was also pretty tall and narrow so I chose the font Ostrich Black to match it.

I had a difficult time finding the Boca Fiesta logo with a transparent background and in the right dimensions I wanted. I used clipping masks and duplicated the logo a few times to set it up the way I wanted it.

The buttons in the top right corner were fairly easy, but I did use hue/saturation adjustment layers to make a few of them white.

For the navigation bar, I kept the rectangles from the wire frame and added a longer rectangle over the four smaller rectangles and lowered the opacity to give the navigation bar a more unified look.

For the three images on the page (tacos, a pool hall, and The backyard), I placed the images into the file and created clipping masks with the rectangles from the wire frame. For the images on the right, I also added an additional rectangle in the same neon pink as the logo in a lowered opacity.

I also decided to add a chalkboard image as the background because these are found throughout Boca Fiesta.

Here is the final product:


The Jessicurl Brand in Images and Colors


For this assignment, I created a mood board for Jessicurl. Jessicurl is a really fun brand for people with curly hair. Their tagline is “You have a right to remain curly,” and if that is not enough to convince you of their joyful, energetic brand identity, the free flowijessicurl-logong curls in its logo certainly will!

I decided to focus on the emotions around a head of well-defined curls: joyful, fun, bright, energetic, and bouncy. I also took into account that Jessicurl’s products are organic, cruelty free, and full of all-natural ingredients. I then decided to add elements of nature. I picked an image of a woman laughing with flowers in her hair. I also picked images of tulips and of two women jumping on the beach as the sun sets. I also decided to add a quote from Tigger that says “I’m so happy I could bounce” because I felt it accurately described curls when they are cooperating. Tigger is also incredibly energetic himself.